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We help Progressive Enterprises that sell intricate high-ticket products & services. We help them build stronger & deeper relationships with the people that drive their future.

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So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to help you accelerate your growth…

And I’m going to help you discover your true goals and map out your next steps…

So that you can get your business to where you want it to be.

How will I do it?

Now all this may seem a bit airy-fairy and hard to grasp right now…

Well that’s okay, it’s 100% normal to feel that way.

After all, the path ahead of you is yet unclear.

But I ask you to just go with it for a moment. And as we talk, you’ll begin to see how the puzzle fits together.

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Andrew Bull, Interstellar Consulting

The more you stare, the less you see.

Your enterprise is full of smart people.

It’s only natural for smart people to believe they have all the answers.

But sometimes you’re too close to the challenges you’re facing.

You can’t see the wood for the trees.

You need an outside perspective. Someone who can…

  • tease out your best ideas
  • help you evaluate options.
  • bring your team on board with your project and goals
  • see the situation with fresh eyes and guide you forwards.

You might believe in these myths...

Myth #1. Bootstrapping* is always best

Bootstrapping is awesome. It’s probably played a pivotal role in your business.

But it’s not the only way to tackle an opportunity or challenge.

At times, the Do-It-Yourself approach can be the longest and most expensive way to get something done.

Sure, it makes sense in the early days.

But eventually you realise that trying to crack every walnut by hand is painful — and a waste of your talented internal team.

And remember….

When your enterprise brings in outside help, it’s not saying “NO” to bootstrapping…

It’s saying “YES” to more options.

It’s saying “YES” to a fresh perspective on hard-to-crack business challenges and opportunities.

It’s saying “YES” to specialist talent who can get you there faster.

Myth #2. All consultants are dinosaurs

There’s a prevailing stereotype of consultancy firms and it goes like this:

They’re all lumbering goliaths with old-fashioned ways of working.

Well… There’s some truth to that… Many of them are!

You might recognise them from these traits:

Here’s the thing though: some consultants dare to break the stereotype. We’re one of them.

We’re not like those prehistoric firms.

Here’s why:

We’re human, friendly, and transparent

We embrace progressive philosophies like…

Now more than ever, you need to…

Here’s why…

Because how you spend matters

It’s easy to rush into projects. Especially when you’re keen to leap ahead with your business.

But rushing in can be disastrous.

Imagine, say, that you decide to upgrade your company’s CRM. You know that a better system will empower your sales team and drive growth. You’re about to take three months off to spend time with your family, so you quickly choose a software solution one of your team suggests, and you leave the project in their capable hands.

Now imagine returning from holidays to find things have gone downhill fast. The project is a complete disaster.

The software migration has stalled half-way. IT and Sales are at loggerheads. And what’s worse… your IT team accidentally sent out a completely inappropriate test video to your entire customer database.

All your pre-holiday stress returns in an instant. Instead of leaping ahead, the business has gone backwards. And now you’ll have to sink months of time and energy into getting it back on track…

That’s the danger of rushing in.

But situations like this can be avoided.

By setting the right goals…
By choosing the right methods for achieving them…
And by taking the time to get your team on board with new ideas and projects…

You’ll eliminate costly barriers of resistance, save big dollars, and stay on the path toward your greater business vision.

Because others are paying attention

Engaging outside help isn’t just useful internally. It reflects on your business as well.

It shows…

  • That you’re a modern organisation…
  • That you’re open to a non-traditional structure (you don’t depend on fixed limiting hierarchies)
  • That your enterprise is mature and strong enough to seek a range of opinions and options
  • That you’re willing to put your hand up and ask for outside help

By showcasing your progressive working culture, you’ll make yourself far more attractive to top talent and set your business up with a powerful reputation within its field.

Because technology can be overwhelming

Technology is great.

But it also creates a relentless amount of options and distractions.

“What if we did this?”

Before you know it, you’re lost in overwhelming rounds of development and innovation.

Now’s the time to commit to modern project methodologies…

Now’s the time to step back from technology.

And get clarity on the big questions, challenges, and opportunities your business is facing.

But before you can solve these problems, there’s something else you need to realise…

Shallow work is killing your progress

What is shallow work?

It’s that noisy work that gets discarded in six months time. It’s work that keeps your team “busy” but fails to move the needle.

Picture this: Your talented team members chained to a treadmill. They can never move forwards because they’re stuck repeating the same tasks over and over again.

Scheduling the same meetings. Replying to the same emails. Dealing with the daily grind instead of laying the foundations for future success.

Their talents are being squandered…

They get no enjoyment from their jobs…

And they’re making zero impact for your business.

You need to get them off the treadmill – so they can reach their potential. And you can reach yours.

Working with an outside consultant, like Interstellar.Consulting, helps you take a step back and go deep on your big issues.

So you can ditch the shallow work and finally make substantial progress on what matters.

You have a simple choice:

  • 1 Carry on right now with a limited perspective — and get more shallow work done.​


  • 2 Step back and start making those big moves, get more deep work done, and accelerate your enterprise.

What are you waiting for?

Are you experiencing these symptoms?

If you’re still not sure whether your business would benefit from outside help, ask yourself these questions…

Do you find yourself:

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you know it’s time to make some changes.

The mindset shift you need right now

Want to know the simplest yet most rewarding change you can make?

It’s a change in mindset.

Change the way you think, and the right actions will follow.

Here’s what you need to do…

#1 Take a step back. Are you too close to the coalface to see what’s really going on? Does your team have the ability to get perspective on the big issues and decisions? Are you taking the time to consider all the options – or are you choosing the first one that lands on the table?

#2 Imagine what a better approach to starting projects would look like. What would it mean for your business? More project success. A more motivated team. More long-term results.

#3 Open your mind to getting outside assistance. How would a fresh perspective empower you to make better decisions?

Now, let’s clear something up here.

Getting expert help doesn’t mean being told what to do. Not if you choose the right experts.

It means having an extra weapon in your arsenal…
Having more options on the table and more ideas to work with…
And having clarity on your next steps…

So that you have the power to better lead your team, make decisions, and achieve your goals with confidence.

Who am I to be telling you this?

I’m the leader of Interstellar Consulting, Andrew Bull.

I’ve been through business successes and failures. And I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Now I help businesses spot and avoid those same mistakes.
It’s my mission to help businesses, and the people who run them, flourish.

I help business leaders identify the shallow work that’s sucking up their time and energy…

Set the right goals and choose the right projects…

Spend more time doing work that makes an impact and gives fulfilment…

And live a happier, more balanced life.

Doing this is not just my job. It’s my passion. That’s why I created Interstellar Consulting.

I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to help you.

Andrew Bull


Interstellar Consulting

Consulting for Progressive Enterprises who want to build stronger & deeper relationships with the people that drive their future.​

The Big Idea

We’re here to help you grow, work, and live smarter.

We don’t measure success in purely financial terms. For us, success is far more than profits created for shareholders.

If our assistance leads to…

  • your enterprise telling a better story about what you do
  • your team doing more of the work that makes them feel alive
  • your team spending more time with their families

….we know we’ve been successful.

Our Appoach

When you work with us, you’ll get the following…

Why do everything yourself...

When there’s a better way to scale your business and reach your potential?

Stage #1 - Foundation Programmes

Set the foundations for a winning future with our consulting programmes.

Winning High-Ticket Story

Nobody rashly jumps into buying a high-ticket product. When it comes to intricate products, you need to tell a winning story. One that takes the customer on a journey and gradually brings them to the sale.

This programme creates the foundations for effective sales assets. It can be used for a high-ticket product or the brand.

Powerful Customer Story

People don’t buy brands. They buy stories. Stories of a better future. Stories of a better them. This programme creates the foundations for telling a story of customer transformation.

After this programme, you can follow-on to the Hero's Adventure - Story Beats​ programme (more on this below).

Hero Adventure Mapping

How do you turn a website visitor into a customer... into a raving fan?

In this programme, we’ll help you map out this vital journey so you can get clarity on where people are getting lost — and build out missing waypoints to ensure more people complete the journey and become heroes of your brand.

Authoritative Product Development

By developing your products in the right way, you can get more for less. This programme helps you make more out of your IP, increase customer lifetime value, and create a suite of products that move people towards your more expensive offerings.

Grow Smarter. Work Smarter. Live Smarter.

Improve your products. Avoid shallow work. And get focused on what really matters.

Stage #2 - Acceleration Programmes

See your vision manifest into a clear, confident picture. Our acceleration programmes either build on the foundation programmes or provide excellent standalone value.

Sales Page Creation

This programme builds on the Winning High-Ticket Story foundation programme. It takes the story framework and puts it into action through elegant copywriting and design.

Hero's Adventure - Story Beats​

This programme builds on the Powerful Customer Story foundation programme. This programme will help you turn your customer Story into an engaging and persuasive film. It produces the story framework that filmmakers and animators need to tell that story.

Product Launch Roadmap​

Once you’ve got clarity on your future suite of products, the next stage is building out a roadmap for making it a reality. This programme gives you the blueprint to do just that.

Social Proof Optimisation

This programme helps you set up frameworks for collecting and displaying all-important social proof.

Content Publishing for Leaders & Teams​

A training-led programme that equips your team with the knowhow and confidence to publish winning content.

Say “YES” to more options.

Get a fresh perspective on hard-to-crack business challenges and opportunities.

What makes this Consulting different

Now, if you’re still sceptical about working with consultants, I get it.

In fact, you should be…

It’s only wise to question what people are selling and make sure you’re dealing with someone truthful and genuine.

So all I can tell you is this. We’re here to make your life and business better.

When you work with us, our values will quickly come across in everything we do.

We’re different because…

We're not prescriptive

We empower and support you, not tell you what to do.

We don’t prescribe action at the start of an engagement.

Instead, we use Discovery Sessions to help you get clarity on goals, challenges, opportunities, and priorities.

After you have clarity we move to next steps…

Next steps might not be us!

If our consulting programmes are a good fit for you, we’ll let you know.

However, if our programmes aren’t a good fit, we’ll try to refer you to an expert in our network.

We’re not interested in selling sand in a desert.

Driven by core values

We’re here to help you grow, work, and live smarter. You won’t hear us suggesting that your team should work weekends or check their email before bedtime.

We always focus on positive next steps — living in the moment and thinking positively is a core part of our business philosophy.

Andrew Bull

Why wait?

Life’s too short to waste time. Let us help you see the bigger picture… Gain clarity… Craft a winning story… Empower your team… And reach your vision for a successful business and a better life.